I never understood why underperforming a benchmark was a greater sin than losing money.

– Christopher J. Guptill, CEO & CIO

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Welcome to Broadmark Asset Management

Please be advised that effective January 22, 2018, Broadmark has relocated its offices to 345 California Street, 16th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104.

At the core of Broadmark Asset Management’s investment philosophy is equity market risk management. Founded in 1999, we are a macro, top-down manager with a tactical approach. Our investment process is a rejection of traditional buy and hold investing. This approach allows us to operate with a flexible investment mandate to navigate through all market environments. Our portfolios can be long, short or hold cash or cash equivalents based on our assessment of market risk. Broadmark offers its strategies through mutual funds and separately managed account platforms as sub-advisor, and through institutional separate accounts, in the US. Outside the US, Broadmark offers investors its strategy to institutional separate accounts. For more on our investable vehicles see the investment strategies page.